Your first step to clean air

A cost-efficient, well maintained and healthy property

Health and Productivity of Occupants

Prevent health issues and occupant complaints by ensuring that the environment is always comfortable, safe and optimized for higher alertness and productivity.

Sustainability Certifications

Attain building standards and certifications through a proper feedback and management system to enhance the branding, desirability and capital value of your property.

New Revenue Stream

Provide additional services to your tenants/clients that contributes to an overall increase in their health, well-being and performance

Energy Savings and Building Maintenance

Prevent risks, accidents and hazards, such as chemical leaks and equipment malfunction by identifying changes in the building’s environment in real-time.

Monitor 13 Parameters

Best in class indoor environmental quality monitor


Carbon Monoxide

Dust PM4




Dust PM1

Dust PM10

Air Pressure


Carbon Dioxide

Dust PM2.5


Virus Index

*Expandable by two more sensors (up to 15 in total) of your choice.

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