Customer Service

Customer service refers to addressing and resolving customers’ concerns and queries regarding the product or services provided by an organization. When this service is provided by a third-party organization its called as Customer Service Outsourcing. A lot of companies outsource this service for reasons like limited in-house staff, seasonal cycles when you require more support, need to expand your coverage or you want to leverage the skills of experienced customer support professionals. Whatever your reason, it definetly works out to be cheaper and more efficient to outsource customer services if you do it to the right company. We are a team of experienced professionals with both national and international level exposure that would give your customers a top-notch customer experience and all at affordable prices.

Our Services Include

Our team of well competent professionals would help you get back to your business priorities while we take care and resolve any of your customers’ challenges, concerns and questions. We can easily customize the services you require to meet your current and future goals. We provide the following services:

  • Resolve customer queries and complaints by providing informed recommendations
  • A multilingual customer service team that serve clients all across the world
  • Flexible and around the clock service available if your business demands it
  • Customer Service through different channels such as chat, phone calls, email, and social media

We Guarantee

Highly Trained Customer Experience Agents

Our agents are highly trained and experienced in different industries and to deal with any kind of customer or situation and offer satisfactory solutions. They are adaptable and would ensure they understand your company’s culture, buyer persona and the quality standards you’ve set at your organization and respond accordingly to your customers. They will become an integral part of your organization and seem just like your internal employees.

Customized Service

We understand every business is different and provide customized services to our clients based on their current and future needs. Customers are free to choose how many resources they require, the timezone they would like to work in, the duration of support required, the language as well as the channels that need to be supported. We also provide the flexibility to make changes to these services as and when required based on the demand or the budget.

Smooth Transition

We ensure that there is a smooth transition when you outsource your customer service to us. We would chalk out a detailed and structured approach to make sure there are no disrutions to the operations and we have a seamless transition to our center.

FAQ for Customer Service Outsourcing

Why should I outsource my customer service?

It’s very important to keep your current as well as potential customers satisfied for the long term success of your organization. To do so you need to invest time as well as resources to keep in touch with them and resolve their queries and concerns. This could drift you from working on your core goals which are even more important for the long term success of your business. Outsourcing customer service would not only give you time to focus on your core goals but also give your customers the time and attention they require. This makes it a win-win situation for both parties. As a business, you also save money as you don’t need to hire dedicated employees for this purpose, no additional infrastructure required and also around the clock service is available.

What customer service channels to do you support?

We try and support our clients through all the customer service channels possible. We give the clients the option to reach us through the medium they are most comfortable with be it live chat, phone call, email or through different social media sites. Our team would respond to them almost instantly.

What are your operating hours?

We provide flexible service hours that best suits the businesses. We provide service during business hours, extended business hours – 12 hours, over the weekends, 24 hours or custom plans where the business selects the start and end time also the days of the week.

What industry do you serve?

We serve almost all the industries and provide excellent service to all of them. Some of the industries we support are Manufacturing, E-commerce, Technology, Finance, Healthcare, Logistics, and Hospitality.