Retail, Shop Front and Shopping Centre Cleaning Services Singapore

For a retail store to attract customers it definitely needs to have great products and services but along with that, it should also look neat and clean at all times. The store is sure to lose out on customers if there is dust, dirt, and clutter all around. With the unique setup that each retail store has its best to hire professional cleaners for maintaining the cleanliness of the store. They understand and know how to get into each and every nook and corner of the store with the right equipment to make the store look spick and span. Your employees would also get to concentrate on their core job and hence result in better productivity and higher profits for you.

How Do Retail Cleaning Services Work?

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    Every store has its own setup and requirements. We provide customized services to our clients to meet their unique requirements.
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    We are experts in cleaning and maintaining all kinds of stores like supermarkets, furniture, clothing, hardware, stationery or even restaurants.
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    Once the contract is signed our cleaners would visit your store along with all the cleaning material and equipment to dust, vacuum, and mop the store. The frequency and time of visit would be as per the client’s necessities.
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    We generally advise that the cleaners finish their work during non-business hours either early morning or post-closing so that when your customers visit your store it is impeccable.

Retail Store Cleaning Include

We provide a comprehensive cleaning service that includes both dry and wet cleaning and sanitizing technologies to make sure your retail store is sparkling clean and hygienic. We will make sure every corner of your store is spotless. We offer the following services but if you require anything apart from what is listed don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor including the walkways, aisles, checkout points, and carpark
  • Dusting and neaten up the furniture and all the fittings
  • Wiping of glasses, mirrors, cabinets, and shelves
  • Washing and wiping of display windows and other windows
  • Dusting all the stock on display
  • Collecting of trash, removing cobwebs and sweeping
  • Thorough cleaning of the restrooms and sanitizing it
  • Waxing the floors, marble polishing and shampooing the carpets and sofas

We Guarantee

Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service
We value our customers and understand that everyone has different cleaning needs. To meet those needs we offer customized cleaning solutions to our customers. We would create a package that includes only the required services, the frequency of cleaning, the timings, and other aspects so that the customers need to pay only for the services they require. Also in case, our customers are unhappy with the cleaning visit our supervisor will be there in no time to check and rectify the issues.

Well-trained workers

We have a team of well-trained, reliable and honest workers who would never disappoint you with their quality of work. They are aware of how to handle different retail stores and their fixtures and would apply the apt cleaning approach for your space. They will focus on the areas that produce the maximum dirt and a high volume of foot traffic. They will make sure they leave your store shining from the floor to the ceiling.

High-quality Material & Equipment

We use only high-quality cleaning material and high-tech equipment to clean your premises. This ensures that your store is cleaned properly and nothing is damaged due to the chemicals in the cleaning agents or the equipment we use.

FAQ for Retail Store Cleaning

Do you provide cleaning services daily?

We provide cleaning services as per the client’s requirement which could be daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even one time. We can design a package based on the nature of your store and your requirements and budget to make sure your store is clean all round the year.

What kind of retail stores do you provide cleaning services for?

We specialize in cleaning services for all kinds of retail stores from supermarkets, departmental stores, clothing boutiques, pharmacies, hardware stores, gyms to even restaurants and bars. We take care of not only the indoors but also the outdoor spaces like the walkways and carparks.

Why do I need professional cleaners to clean my retail store?

Professional cleaners help you and your staff concentrate on your core job and take all the cleaning responsibilities on themselves. A retail store would have a lot of people coming in and out leaving the walkways and aisles dirty, fingerprints on the display units and windows and display pieces getting dirty with lots of people touching them, that’s where we professionals come into the picture. We know how important it is for a retail store to be clean and tidy all the time. Our cleaners know where to start and what areas to be cleaned, hence saving you time and money.

Do you provide all the cleaning material and equipment?

Yes, our cleaners would bring all the cleaning material and equipment with them. We use only high-quality material and cleaning agents to make sure we maintain the utmost standard of hygiene. Also, our cleaners are trained to use the high-tech equipment we have that helps them to do deeper and more extensive cleaning and leave your store spick and span.

Does the cleaning need to be done during business hours?

We are very flexible and can do the cleaning for as per your convenience. We would recommend getting the cleaning done either before the store opens or after it closes so that there is no disruption during business hours and your customers can freely explore the store.