Disinfection Services

There are millions of microbial species on earth like viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa, and helminths that surround us. While some are totally harmless there are others that are harmful and are the cause of many diseases. Regular cleaning can kill only the pathogens that are currently present in that area but to remain healthy and safe you need to make sure that no new pathogens survive in your house or workplace. To do so engaging professional disinfection experts would be a good idea. Through this service, the viruses, bacteria and other pathogens are killed as advanced disinfectants are used which also forms a protective layer that kills any new viruses and bacteria that come in contact with it. This protective layer lasts for 30 days to a year depending on the type of disinfection service you select.

Our Services Include

We provide disinfection services for residential spaces, offices, shops, schools, restaurants, clinics, sports centers or any other place you require. We use different disinfection processes based on the need and the space that needs to be disinfected. We offer the following disinfecting options:

  1. Disinfecting through Fogging

Through this process, the chemicals are sprayed using a fogging machine in the air. The pathogens immediately die as they come in contact with the chemicals. It not only kills the microbes in the air but also on the surface of your furniture or floor. It has a wider reach and goes into every corner of the room to eliminate the pathogens.

  1. Disinfecting through Electrostatic Machine

We use a sophisticated electrostatic machine to emit electrostatically-charged disinfectant that instead of floating in the air wraps itself on to the surface of objects around. As the chemical forms a protective layer on the surface of the object its effect stays longer. Through this process, the microbes hiding in the hard to reach areas are also destroyed, allowing greater coverage.

  1. Disinfecting through Steam

This process is used only to clean carpets and upholstery. The high temperature kills all the pathogens and microorganisms rooted deep in these areas.

The Process

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    Location Survey

    After understanding the customer’s requirements, our consultants visit the location to do a physical examination of the place and also test the present pathogen levels by doing swap tests and analyzing it. Based on the results and the type of location they suggest the right treatment.

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    Selection of the disinfection method

    No same disinfection method can be applied to all the locations. While in some places fogging would be better in some other electrostatic method would be more appropriate. Our consultants would explain and help the client select the right disinfection method for their requirements.

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    Carrying out the disinfection service

    After we receive a confirmation from the client, our trained specialists would carry out the service to disinfect the location using 100% safe chemicals and machines.

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    Recommending the next steps

    Once the disinfection treatment is completed and the solution has dried up, our team would do a swap test again to analyze the effectiveness of the treatment. Based on the effect they would recommend the clients on the next steps and the frequency of getting this treatment.

We Guarantee

Safe Chemicals and Cleaning Process

Our products and methodology are 100% safe and odorless. One doesn’t need to vacate the premises or remove all their belongings from the site before the treatment is carried out. We guarantee 99.99% elimination of germs both in the air and surface in less than 30 seconds of contact with the disinfectant. No damage will be caused to your furniture, appliances, fabric, computers, equipment or even food. As the chemicals and machinery are eco-friendly and so safe, this service can be applied to any location – F&B outlets, education centers, hospitals, hotels, labs, retail outlets, industries, homes, and offices.

Qualified and Trained Professionals

We have a strong team of well qualified and trained specialists and consultants who are well aware of how to perform this treatment. They are experts in their field and are well aware of all the aspects of this job from mixing the right proportion of the disinfectants, using high-tech equipment to knowing where to apply the disinfectants to provide long-lasting protection from these pathogens.

Suggest the Apt Treatment

We have a robust process to suggest the right treatment to our clients. We take into consideration their need and requirement and also do a physical location check to understand what kind of treatment would be best suited. We use sophisticated devices to test the microbe levels before and after the treatment is carried out. Our consultants chalk out a holistic infection control plan for our clients to make sure they are free of infections and allergies forever.

FAQ for Disinfection Services

How often should I get the disinfection treatment done?

Our experts would be able to suggest the right frequency of the disinfection treatment you would require based on a number of factors like the location, the kind of area, the footfall, and other such factors. Also, they would take into account the treatment you have already engaged us for. Some treatments last for 30 days while some for a year.

Is the disinfection process foolproof? Will I or anyone else never fall ill due to viral or bacterial infection?

We promise 99.99% eradication of germs in less than 30 seconds of contact through our disinfectant treatment but no treatment is foolproof. There is still a 0.01% chance of falling sick due to viral or bacterial infection mainly caused by new and mutated microbes.

Are the disinfectants used safe for children and pets?

Yes, all the disinfectants we use are 100% safe and odorless. We use chemicals that are approved by NEA and safe to be applied in any location – homes, clinics, schools, offices or F&B outlets.

Will regular cleaning reduce the effect of the disinfectants sprayed?

The effect of the disinfectant treatment doesn’t wear off with regular day to day cleaning. Depending on the treatment undertaken the longevity of the effect would remain as stated which is from 30 days to 365 days.