Residential Cleaning

Our residential cleaning services covers a full spectrum of facilities and requirements. Ranging from upholstery cleaning to odour removal, we’ll give your premises a facelift – and leave them looking as good as new.  Our experienced cleaners can take care of this enormous task for you and make sure all your condo facilities are sanitized and functional. We take care of maintaining all the common areas – indoor as well as outdoor in the residential building from the lobby, lifts, car park, children’s play area, management office, gym, clubhouse to the swimming pools.

Our Services Include

We provide a wide array of services for residential cleaning which are undertaken by well-trained and experienced cleaners. We will leave your whole premise, however big or small spotless and disinfected every day. Our cleaners can perform the following services either on a daily basis or periodically based on your requirements. We can cater to other residential cleaning requirements too on a need basis.

  1. Mopping and dusting the lift and the floor lobbies along with the lifts, the management office, the guard room, and the clubhouse
  2. Sweeping the dust and the dried leaves in the whole premises including tennis courts, basketball courts, and any other sports facility
  3. Clean and sanitize the washrooms and the changing rooms
  4. Remove leaves and insects from the swimming pools
  5. Thorough cleaning of the gym and sanitizing the equipment
  6. Using high-pressure washing technique to clean the car park, play area, exterior walls and sidewalks to remove dust
  7. Cleaning the sofas, upholstery, and curtains in the clubhouse or lobby
  8. Disposing of the trash
  9. Pest control and odor removal

We Guarantee

Experienced Cleaners

We have a pool of experienced residential cleaners who are well-trained and well equipped with the knowledge on how to keep the whole premises in top-notch condition. We keep introducing new and modern cleaning equipment as well as train our cleaners on how to use them to attain high standards of cleanliness. While the cleaners perform their tasks they make sure utmost precautions are taken and the safety guidelines are followed so that no one is hurt in the process. Our service is sure to make an impression not only to your residents but also their visitors. Our cleaners only use safe and quality cleaning agents and equipment that helps us disinfect, remove nasty odor and dirt easily and effectively.

Customized Cleaning

Every residential building in Singapore offers different facilities depending on the area available. For us no job is small and we undertake any residential cleaning request irrespective of the size of the complex. Our customers can hire us for daily cleaning services or periodic services based on their needs. We offer and suggest different cleaning solutions as with time and experience we have a solid understanding of essential services different customers need. We don’t have a one size fits all policy but provide a service that best suits the customer.

Cost-effective and Efficient Service

As we offer customized residential cleaning services, clients just need to pay for the service they really need. Be rest assured we offer the most competitive prices in the market. Our expert cleaners know their job and hiring them not only saves time but also money as they will do it right the very first time without any damage to the property. We use the most appropriate cleaning methodology making sure the cleaning exercise is effective and leaves the area flawless.

FAQ for Residential Cleaning

How many cleaners are required to clean a residential building?

The number of cleaners is dependent on the area of the residential building and the tasks required to be completed. Due to our 30 years of experience in this industry, we can suggest and deploy the right number of cleaners to make sure your requirements are met smoothly.

Do the cleaners clean the premises every day?

We offer both daily as well as ad-hoc residential cleaning services. Depending on the nature of the service you require our cleaners would visit your premises at the agreed frequency and time.

Do you supply the cleaning material and equipment?

Yes, we provide the cleaning supplies as well as the equipment as every cleaning technique requires its own set of cleaning agents and equipment. We use only environment-friendly cleaning material that is safe for the workforce too.

Which areas in Singapore do you provide residential cleaning services?

We provide residential cleaning service island-wide. With our huge pool of trained cleaners, we can try and deploy cleaners staying in the same area so that they familiar with the location as well as don’t waste time commuting. This helps in increasing employee motivation and reducing attrition which in turn gives our clients happy and consistent cleaners.