Stewarding Service

Whether you run a restaurant, hotel or corporate kitchen, cleanliness is the most important thing you need to do. Professional stewarding staff know how to get the kitchen back into shape so that the staff is ready to take on the next storm. The kitchen mess is very different from the usual household dirt, it’s greasy and stubborn that doesn’t come out that easily. The equipment in the kitchen also needs to be handled with special care while cleaning. It’s very important to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in restaurants to keep the pests away and make sure there is no contamination. Well-trained stewarding staff will not only clean the kitchen but make sure every corner of the restaurant from the dining area to the washroom is sanitized and sparkling clean.

Our Services Include:

We provide a holistic cleaning service for your restaurant and kitchen. With our cleaning service, your restaurant will surely be in good hands and help you create an ambiance that reflects your brand. We assure you your customers will keep returning not only because of the food but also the overall experience you provide. Below are our services that can help you build this customer experience.

Regular cleaning:

Our trained cleaners will do all the regular cleaning like vacuuming and mopping, cleaning of the glass windows, dusting the décor, cleaning the tables and chairs, disposing of the trash, and sanitizing the washrooms to make sure your entire premise is always spotless.

Cleaning of Kitchen Equipment:

In a commercial kitchen many types of equipment are used on a regular basis. With regular use, these pieces of equipment get greasy and form layers of dirt on them that are stubborn and can be difficult to remove. Our professional cleaners scrub and sanitize the equipment using eco-friendly cleaning material and make them look as good as new. All equipment from your gas stove, ovens, blenders, fryers, grillers, chillers, and even the exhaust system are taken care of by our cleaners.    

Dishwashing Services:

While your staff takes care of your core business, our staff can take care of one of the essential but tedious tasks in the kitchen – dishwashing. Our cleaners are trained to handle and clean crockery, glassware, big utensils and pots, serving dishes, and cutlery. Your dishes will be sparkling clean every time with no food stains or odor or even soap residue.

Banquet Preparation & Cleaning:

Banquets are for special events and functions and one needs to make sure the arrangements are special as well. Due to a shortage of staff, the quality of the arrangements can be overlooked and likely to ruin your reputation. Our staff has the expertise to prepare and clean the banquets before and after the event.

Setting up Buffets:

Hire our services to set up your daily or special buffets to give it a professional touch which is sure to please your guests. Our staff will clean and prepare the venue, arrange the chairs and tables, set the buffet, refill the dishes, clean the tables after use and even wash the dishes. Whether it’s within your restaurant premises or an outdoor buffet, we can take care of everything for you.

Pest Control:

There is a high possibility to find pests like cockroach, rodents, ants, and lizards in an unkempt and dirty kitchen. These pests can contaminate the food with viruses, bacteria, and diseases that they carry with them. This is sure to give your restaurant a bad name and affect your operations. Our cleaners know how to get these unwanted visitors out of your kitchen and keep them out forever. We use chemical-free cleaning material to get rid of the pests that won’t pollute the food.

We Guarantee

Highly Professional Cleaners

Our cleaners are highly professional and well-trained. They undergo all the pieces of training mandatory as per the National Environment Agency (NEA) and understand the cleanliness guidelines set by the agency for F&B outlets. Be rest assured our cleaning staff will extensively and effectively clean your restaurant to maintain the hygiene standards.

Safe & Eco-friendly Cleaning Equipment

Sometimes the chemicals used for cleaning the restaurant and the equipment can have an inverse effect on the health of the staff and the visitors and result in more damage. We use eco-friendly cleaning material so that we don’t harm the equipment or pollute the food. Our cleaning techniques are also safe for a restaurant set up and the staff. We use effective cleaning techniques like steam cleaning, fogging or pressure jet cleaning depending on the area and the level of cleanliness required. Our professional staff will sanitize every equipment used in the kitchen from the knife, the cooking hob to the chopping board.

Customer-centric solutions

Even though there are certain cleanliness guidelines that every F&B outlet needs to follow their cleaning requirements could differ. Not every restaurant owner would want the same service. We respect that and offer customer-centric cleaning solutions. We provide both full-time as well as part-time cleaning staff. You can also trust us with your one-time cleaning requirements. We give our customers the option to select one, a few or all of our cleaning services to meet their needs.

FAQ for Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

Why can't I just rely on my staff to clean the kitchen and the restaurant?

Cleaning is a tedious task and after a long day in the kitchen, your staff might not be able to do justice to the cleaning that is required in a restaurant. Food can be easily contaminated if hygiene is not maintained plus due to the perishable nature of food products they attract a lot of germs and pests. Professional cleaners know where all the dirt can get in and how to deal with it which your staff could miss. They will make sure every corner of your kitchen and restaurant is disinfected and free of dirt.

Will the cleaning staff change every day?

We generally appoint fixed staff for each workplace so that they are familiar with the work and the area. But in case they go on planned or unplanned leave, we provide equally proficient replacement staff so that there is no compromise in the quality of work.

What are your operating hours?

Our operating hours are based on our client’s needs. Our staff can clean your restaurant premises before, after or during your operating hours and ensure there is minimal disruption to your business while they are at it.

Are the cleaning material and equipment you use safe for kitchen cleaning?

The kitchen is the most important place for a restaurant hence it is imperative to make sure it meets the hygiene standards. Keeping that in mind we use eco-friendly and safe cleaning material, equipment and techniques. All the necessary precautions are taken by our cleaners to make sure there is no contamination of food items or damage to the cooking equipment while the cleaning is in process.

Apart from regular cleaners, do you also provide part-time staff?

Yes, we can help you with part-time staff too. Due to seasonal or special occasions if you require additional staff we can help you meet the demand. We provide a flexible and customized kitchen or restaurant cleaning solutions to our clients as we understand every client has their own unique needs.