We Provide Marble Polishing Services

Primech A&P is distinguished as Singapore’s leading marble polishing specialists. We have over 10 years experience in providing excellent commercial cleaning services and industrial cleaning services in Singapore. With time and frequent use of marble floors, countertops, showers and more the marble is bound to lose its shine and gloss. But that doesn’t mean it can never be back to its original form. With the Marble Polishing process, it’s possible. In this process, the marble floor is cleaned, smoothed and polished to remove dirt, stains, scratches, and to preserve its natural shine and luster. Seeking professional help to polish your marble is highly recommended as it’s a very skilled process that can only be done by professionally trained technicians. It requires the use of the right products, tools, and equipment and not using them can actually have an adverse effect on the marble and make it look even worse.

Steps for Marble Polishing

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    In-depth Cleaning using maintenance-free Cleaner

    Marble has the tendency to absorb all the acidic and alkaline substances that forms a layer on the surface and eventually spoils it. The first step for marble polishing is a comprehensive cleaning of the marble surface with a pH Neutral Cleaner. During this step, all the excess acid and alkaline are removed and the pores of the marble are opened preparing it for more thorough and deeper cleaning.

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    Spot Polishing with Diamond Powder

    After the deep cleaning, the marble surface is spot polished with the diamond abrasives in areas where the scratches and stains are still prevalent. Some scratches and stains are stubborn and are not removed in one go so they need to be given some extra attention. Our experts make sure your marble surface is spotless and gets its inner glow by the end of this step. The surface is once again cleaned using the pH neutral detergent to remove the acids from the polishing material.

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    Polishing with Diamond Abrasives

    As marble itself is very hard; it needs to be cleaned with something even harder than itself to bring out its shine. We apply a mix of diamond powder with crystalline micro-abrasives on the surface and using a specialized marble polishing machine we buff the surface to bring out the stone’s radiant shine and remove all the starches and stains.

We Guarantee

Ready Staff Always

We have a good pool of specialized cleaners that are trained to keep the client’s needs in mind always while performing their tasks. We also offer replacement staff in case any of your usual cleaners go on leave that would provide you the same standard of service. We provide service all across the island.

Trained Specialists

We have a team of well-trained marble polishing experts who have never failed to impress our clients with their skills as well as knowledge about the process. Their work is top-notch and due to their years of experience, they understand marble in and out. The marble polishing process is a meticulous process and requires to be handled by only professionals with the right expertise. Look no further, our team will take care of all your marble concerns.

Quality Material and Right Equipment

Using the right cleaning and polishing material and equipment is a must to bring out the shine in the marble. If not done right it will for sure damage the marble forever. Marble polishing not only requires the right expertise but quality material and equipment. We use pH neutral products for cleaning and real diamond powder mixed with crystalline micro-abrasives to polish the marble which brings it back to life and gives it long-lasting shine.

FAQ for Marble Polishing

Why has my marble surface lost its shine?

With time marble surface loses its shine if any spills and dirt are not cleaned immediately. Marble is a porous stone and the dirt and spills run deep into its pores if not cleaned. This damages the surface of the marble due to which the shine is lost.

What cleaning products are used and how are they selected from the vast variety available in the market?

For cleaning marbles, it is important to select non-acid floor cleaners to clean the surface as it could harm the marble and lose its shine. We recommend using pH neutral products.

Can you repair the damaged marble surface?

Yes, we have a team of experts who understand marble in and out and can help you either change the damaged marble or restore it by cleaning, polishing and sealing.

Is polishing marble noisy and disturbing?

As the polishing process requires the use of certain special equipment to buff the surface there could be mild noise produced during the process.

How quickly can you restore my marble floor?

The time required depends on the extent of the damage. The usual process includes cleaning of the surface with non-acidic cleaners, polishing the surface and then repolishing at specific spots and the final step includes sealing the pores.

Can the lost shine be restored?

The lost shine can be restored by cleaning the marble with specific cleaners, polishing it to remove the scratches and stains and applying a sealant to preserve the shine.

Why is it not safe to use regular household cleaning materials for marble?

As the regular household cleaners contain acidic components which would damage the marble rather than clean it, it is recommended to use only pH neutral products to retain the shine and remove dirt from the marble.

Is marble maintenance-free compared to other flooring material?

Marble is a hard material and is durable if taken good care of. All flooring material requires some kind of maintenance and marble is no exception. With proper and immediate cleaning and polishing it can last forever.

What spills can damage the marble?

Any kind of spill can damage the marble as its porous and absorbs anything that falls on it. Even water can leave stains and damage marble. It’s advised to use a soft cloth or tissue paper to absorb the spill rather than wiping it as it would just spread the liquid more.

How to avoid permanent stains?

The best way to avoid permanent stains is to clean the spill immediately with a soft cloth or paper. The sealant is also applied regularly on the marble surface to stop the liquid from seeping into the marble and staining it.