Industrial Cleaning Services Singapore

Primech A&P is an industry leader in offering the best industrial cleaning solutions to the variety of industries. We implement a safe plan to work within every factory and industrial areas, ensuring your equipment is kept safe all while making sure it is well-cleaned and ready for use.

Good hygiene needs to be maintained everywhere be it your home, office or factory. It could very tricky and messy to clean an industrial space with heavy machinery around and harmful chemicals. One also needs to keep in mind the law, environmental and safety standards set by the Government for the workers and also while disposing of industrial waste. Industrial cleaning is an absolute must to increase the productivity of the workers as well as the machinery and industrial equipment, and office cleaning in your factory.

Industrial Cleaning Include

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    We have the expertise to manage and clean factories, warehouses, and other industrial spaces and also have a good understanding of Singapore’s law, environmental and safety standards.
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    We provide customizable and flexible cleaning solutions based on the nature of the industry and your requirements.
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    We clean using chemicals, acids and other cleaning agents to ensure the toughest of the stains, dyes, and oils are removed to maintain the cleanliness of the place.
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    We also clean the outdoors using water jets, vacuum and mop indoor floors, empty trash cans, clean and sanitize bathrooms, clean windows and mirrors, dust work stations and computers, wipe phones, remotes, and intercoms, clean pantry area, wash blinds and curtains, wax tiled floors and shampoo sofas, chairs, and carpets.

We Guarantee

Professional Well-trained Cleaners

We have a team of professional well-trained cleaners who are well aware of the laws and safety standards set by the government and work accordingly. They have a good understanding of different cleaning agents and equipment and know which one needs to be used in which kind of industry without exposing the workers to any health hazards. They know how to handle and dispose of industrial waste and make your workplace safe and hygienic.

Customized Solutions

Every industry has special cleaning requirements including the frequency, timing, and type of cleaning. As we are experts in this area we can chalk out a customized solution for you to make sure your workspace is always clean and well-maintained.

Great After-sales Service

For us, our clients are always first. If you are dissatisfied with a cleaning visit, we will make sure we look into it and solve your problems right away. Our supervisors are highly trained and would surely provide you with the right solution.

FAQ for Cleaning Include

How often do you clean?

We schedule the cleaning as per the individual’s requirements and the kind of industry. It could daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even one time.

Do you provide cleaning services for all types of industries?

Yes, we have a team of well-trained cleaners and have the capability to handle any kind of cleaning project. We use advanced cleaning technologies and adhere to the industry, environment and safety standards. Our cleaning services are tailored to your specific industry needs.

Does the cleaning need to be done during the business hours?

No, not necessarily. We can clean during whatever time that is convenient for you either during business hours or after business hours to make sure there is minimum disruption to your productivity and employees.

Do you clean only the work floor or the entire building?

We have the expertise to clean the work floor as well as the entire building or multiple buildings. We can help you clean the windows and mirrors from outside as well as inside, dispose of the trash, clean and sanitize the toilets, and include any other cleaning requirements you have in the contract.

Does the cleaning process get very noisy and disturbing?

As we have to use certain specialized machinery to clean the workspace it could result in low-level noise and might be slightly disturbing. But we can always plan and schedule the use of these machines at times when there are fewer employees, during breaks or after business hours to minimize the disturbance.