Office & Commercial
Cleaning Services

The office is generally the second home for many as they spend most of their productive time there during the week. Every employee expects their workplace to be clean and hygienic just like their home. A dusty and dirty workspace can cause health problems which would eventually hinder their work and productivity. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to give your employees a workplace that is impeccably clean and a place where they love to spend their time. Hiring professional office cleaners will definitely take this burden off your shoulders as an employer on this front. These cleaners are well-trained and know what and how to clean the spaces within the office or commercial premises very well.

Our Services Include

We are committed to providing and maintaining a clean and hygienic workspace for your employees. Our team of cleaners will get into every nook and corner of your office premises to make it sparkling clean. Our services include the following but we can always customize them as per your requirements:

  1. Office floor and carpet cleaning – Vacuuming and mopping
  2. Dusting and sanitizing the office desks and chairs including computers, keyboards, phones, and other accessories
  3. Cleaning of the meeting rooms and the equipment
  4. Dusting and tidying up the sofas and tables at the visitor or common areas
  5. Wiping glass doors/walls, windows, cabinets, and shelves
  6. Emptying bins and disposing of the rubbish
  7. Cleaning and Scrubbing the Pantry or Kitchen and the appliances
  8. Thorough cleaning of the restrooms and disinfecting it

We Guarantee

Tailor-made Solutions

Every workplace is unique and has different cleaning requirements. We understand that very well and hence offer tailor-made office cleaning services to our clients. We would clean the areas you want us to and at the frequency you want – daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or ad-hoc. We recommend cleaning solutions based on your office size, layout and cleaning needs. Our cleaners are more than willing to work pre or post your office timings to make sure there is no disturbance while your employees are at work.

Trained and Proficient Cleaners

We are a registered company with the National Environment Agency (NEA) cleaning license. Our cleaners are trained regularly and undergo the NEA courses which make them proficient in their work. We have a strong pool of cleaners available with us all the time. Our clients will never have to worry in case their fixed cleaners go on leave or resign. Our reserve cleaners are equally competent and would be deployed almost immediately to make sure there is no disruption in the work.

High-Quality Services

We also have an NEA Clean Mark Gold Award that shows that we deliver high cleaning standards. We use the most sort after cleaning equipment and material to make sure the office premises are germ-free, dust-free and spick and span. Every day we thrive to give our clients better cleaning standards and customer satisfaction.

FAQ for Office & Commercial Cleaning

Why do I need professionals to clean my office or commercial space?

An office or a commercial space in Singapore is usually air-conditioned and windows are closed which makes it difficult for dust to enter. But there are a lot of studies that show that offices are home to a number of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Hence, regular cleaning is very important to maintain hygiene for the employees’ well-being. Professional office cleaners are trained to tackle all these issues and reach every corner of the premises where these germs breed and do so by following the recommended security measures.

What happens if my regular cleaner goes on leave?

We always have back-up cleaners in our pool who can replace your regular cleaners for the time they are on leave. They are equally skilled and would make sure there is no break in the continuity of work and business is as usual.

Can we have the cleaners come in only over the weekend?

Yes, we offer your clients the flexibility to choose their own office cleaning schedule based on their needs and convenience. We too recommend cleaning solutions that we think would be best for them based on their office size, layout, number of employees, nature of work and other such factors. Our cleaners are available to work all 7 days a week and finish their work before, during or after office hours.

Do you provide only regular cleaning services for offices and commercial buildings?

We are happy to customize your requirements, apart from regular office cleaning we also offer extensive carpet cleaning, marble floor polishing, leather and fabric upholstery cleaning, pest management, waste management and other such services that can be integrated for a better office experience.

Do you provide cleaning supplies and equipment as well?

Yes, our cleaners bring all the supplies and equipment along with them. We use high standard cleaning material and best cleaning gears available in the market to keep your office premises sparkling clean.

If we decide to engage your company, how fast will your cleaners be able to start work?

If you engage with our company our cleaners can start working in 3 to 5 working days after we sign the agreement. Before the first day, we would accompany the potential cleaner to the site for orientation and give them a brief introduction of the job. This is done to make sure the cleaners know their work before they take it up and there are fewer chances of attritions. If there are frequent attritions it will affect the client’s daily operations which we don’t want.